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Dark #5 "The Gallows" SOLD OUT!

On Tuesday, July 26, Soundscapes NFTs celebrated its one year anniversary with a sell out drop! "Dark #5: The Gallows" dropped at 8pm that evening, followed by a performance in the Metaverse at Jack Frost's Extraterrestrial Tuesdays performance in the TRU Band Room. The performance was then followed up by a celebratory One Year Anniversary Twitter spaces. By the time the Twitter Spaces starter - two hours after the drop - Dark #5 had sold out, selling 20 NFTs at 0.01Eth in a matter of two hours.

"Dark #5: The Gallows" is the fifth and final piece in the Dark series of the Soundscapes collection. An homage to Ravel's "Le Gibet" from his piano masterpiece, Gaspard de la Nuit, "The Gallows" is the culmination of the entire Dark series. The piece starts with the same eerie four note cluster that the series begins with. Only this time, the music takes us in a much more dark direction for an epic finale to the long dark saga.

"Dark #5: The Gallows" is available for secondary sale on Opensea.


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