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Celebrating Web3 Piano Day: Bobby Yaps and Fellow Artists Unite in a Piano-Themed Collaboration!

On March 29, "Web3 Piano Day - Volume 1" was released on, featuring the incredible talents of pianists and composers from across the globe. Bobby Yaps was among the artists featured in this groundbreaking event, presenting a beautiful solo piano piece titled "Echoes of Infinity." Alongside Bobby, this collaborative album drop featured exceptional compositions by Ghost Train, Cristina Spinei, Ryan Whyman, Rafael Wildemann, Kamilla Bendersky, Ernesto Cisneros, and Adam Protz. The artwork was done by Tim of the Ghost Train duo.

This unique event was a success, with around 30 NFTs being minted and sold, representing the hard work and dedication of these amazing musicians. Web3 Piano Day proved to be a fantastic opportunity for Bobby and his fellow artists to come together and create something truly special, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the space. This milestone event not only showcased the remarkable talents of these pianists and composers but also highlighted the boundless possibilities of NFTs in the music industry.

We are eagerly anticipating the release of "Web3 Piano Day - Volume 2." Make sure to keep an eye on Bobby's website and socials for all the latest updates on upcoming projects, performances, and collaborations.

Listen to "Echoes of Infinity" here:


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